E-Books Are Huge At The Leipzig Book Fair In 2012

While browsing through the program for the Leipzig Book Fair this morning, I noticed that there is quite a high number of events dealing with various aspects of ebooks. In fact, ebooks are one of the special foci this year.

From end user-centric introductions about ebooks and ebook readers to questions for aspiring writers and publishers, there will be talks, presentations, and workshops throughout the four days.

I am looking forward to attending some of those events, but I have not made up my mind on which ones I will pick. With 44 events in the Category “E-Book/Internet” it will be absolutely impossible to visit all of them. Nevertheless, there will be a mountain of information, I am certain of that.

One question that I hope to find an answer to is whether there will be an affordable ebook reader that can display .pdf documents in A4 format well in the near future. So far I have had the opportunity of briefly checking out Amazon’s Kindle reader at a friend’s place and I found the e-ink display very pleasing to the eye. In my opinion it is definitely better than staring at a laptop screen for a long time. For reading novels or other texts that do not heavily rely on formatting, this is quite good. But when you have to read journal articles, the small size is a disadvantage.

Tablet computers, on the other hand, are bigger but do not have an e-ink display. Especially when you look at a glossy screen, this is becomes rather inconvenient after a while. From a reader’s point of view, I think this is a drawback.

Maybe somebody at the book fair knows whether the affordable A4 format ebook reader is around the corner. I would be tempted to buy one.

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