The 2012 Party Platforms

Party platforms outline how a political party sees itself at a certain moment in time. They are a document of what the party in question wants to stand for. In the US, political parties publish their platforms every four years prior to the presidential election.

News coverage:

Party Platforms Are Poles Apart in Their View of the Nation” (New York Times, 9/4/2012)

Here is the 2012 Democratic Party platform.

Key Points:

  • support of same-sex marriage (for the first time)
  • opposition to privatization of Medicare
  • opposition to privatization of Social Security
  • language dropped that says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (because Palestinians also claim it as future capital)UPDATE (9/5/2012): Democrats put back in the notion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and a reference to God, after three (!) rounds of not-so-clear voice votes. Watch it here:

    This happened after intense criticism from the Romney camp. The official US position is that the final status of Jerusalem is still a matter of negotiations. This is also why the US and other states have their embassies in Tel Aviv. Barack Obama, however, has voices his belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  Within the context of US elections, the new Democratic position is to be seen as an attempt to court conservative Jewish voters and Christian Zionists.”Democrats add Jerusalem and God to 2012 platform” (The Raw Story, 9/5/2012)
    Democrats reinstate “God” and Jerusalem language in party platform” (CBS, 9/5/2012)
    Democrats Restore Language Declaring Jerusalem Israel’s Capital” (New York Times, 9/5/2012)

The Republican Party discussed is currently discussing their latest political platform at the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida. It is available here not yet available.

Prior to its release, the New York Times already has some information concerning its content here and here. It is generally considered to be more conservative than previous platforms.

Key Points:

  • banning all forms of abortion
  • banning pornography (read about it here)
  • opposing Shari’a law (read about it here)

Over at the American Presidency Project, you may read the 2012 party platforms and earlier documents. Here is the 2008 GOP platform, and here is the 2008 Democratic platform. And even though elections mostly come down to a contest between Democrats and Republicans, there are third parties in the US, and they do have platforms, too.

Read the 2012 platforms of the Green Party here, Constitution Party here, and of the Libertarian Party here.

While observers are waiting for Mitt Romney’s big acceptance speech at the GOP convention, here is a flashback to April of this year, when Romney won the Republican primaries:

UPDATE: You can see Romney’s acceptance speech and more on the RNC convention in this blog post.

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