Website ‘Constitute’ Enables Comparison Of Constitutions

Website ‘Constitute’ enables comparison of constitutions around the world

Are you currently writing a new constitution for your imaginary new nation? Would you like to find out more about similarities and differences between, say, the United States Constitution and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (the Grundgesetz)? Here is a new handy tool for you.

The Comparative Constitutions Project (CCP) has recently launched the new website Constitute which enables users to compare the texts of constitutions from around the world.

Constitute website
Constitute website

Constitutional texts can be searched for specific passages or browsed by topics. The search results can be filtered further and downloaded for later consultation.

Constitute website
Constitute website

At the moment (September 2013, the scope of the project encompasses “the constitution that was in force in September of 2013 for nearly every independent state in the world.”

The project is supported by Google Ideas, the Indigo Trust and IC2.

I like the idea that Google supports this project with funding. Unfortunately, as the Snowden leaks have revealed, Google is also among the biggest tech companies subverting the US’s and other nations’ constitutions by enabling the totalitarian surveillance ambitions of the NSA.

Everyone involved in intelligence should use this website and reconsider whether the bureaucracy they are serving actually protects their respective constitution.


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