Harald Havas’s “Toyed Shoe Lunt” Phonetic Map of Germany

Harald Havas’s “Toyed Shoe Lunt” Phonetic Map of Germany

As you might have heard, there are rules in Germany. Lots of them. Ze rules are important to ze Germans, ja? And because “Ordnung muss sein,” you need to know how Bundesländer and their capitals are pronounced correctly. Surprisingly, one of our nice Austrian neighbors beat us in providing friendly advice to all Ausländers who wish to blend in better when conversing with the indigenous population.

Harald Havas has created a really funny map of Germany (aka “Toyed Shoe Lunt”) featuring phonetic pronunciations of federal states and state capitals for English speakers. It is called “Deutschland phonetisch für English Speakers” (Germany, phonetic, for English speakers). He also has a map of Austria in the same style.

Hi, I am Benedikt from “Layp Zig” in “SUCK ZEN,” “TOYED SHOE LUNT,” ja?  🙂

So go ahead and educate yourself. But don’t get lost in the forests of “TEARING HEN!”



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