Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) Wants Heroin Users To Die

Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) Wants Heroin Users To Die

Image: “A photo I took at an event honoring the Maine National Guard at the Collins Center at the University of Maine on 1/7/11.” Matt Gagnon, Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

How can heroin addicts be helped, according to Maine Governor Paul LePage (R)? By cutting funding for medication that can reverse fatal overdoses. As the Huffington Post reports, fatal heroin overdoses in his state have quadrupled between 2011 and 2012. But LePage, who wants to be seen as tough on drugs, has taken the approach of

cut[ting] funds for substance abuse treatment, limit[ing] the amount of time Mainers can spend on heroin replacement therapies [. . .] , and requested money to add 14 agents to the state Drug Enforcement Agency.

Such replacement drug programs, claims LePage, would not help addicts and give them a “feeling of invincibility.”

Darn you, facts, I am the Governor!

Never mind that public health experts have the following to say, according to the article:

LePage’s assertions are not supported by current medical research.

So instead of relying on research-based medical experts’ suggestions for useful treatments, LePage rather wants to punish drug addicts.

Die, junkie, die!

What a Christian thing to do of him.

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