App ‘Buycott’ Aids Users In Consumer Boycotts

App ‘Buycott’ Aids Users In Consumer Boycotts

Consumer boycotts via smartphone

Consumers in the US (and elsewhere) are facing a dilemma: They may politically disagree with the corporations whose products they buy on a regular basis at their local supermarket. Often they do not know who they are supporting financially, because huge corporations own vast portfolios of consumer brands.

A new app called Buycott, available now for iOS and Android (soon) makes transparent who is behind a certain product that you buy in supermarkets. It helps individuals who want to engage in consumer boycotts.

The targeted corporations currently include Koch Industries, Monsanto, and Johnson & Johnson, but the database is being expanded. These corporations are US-based, but they are all huge multinational conglomerates.

The idea for the app was sparked at last year’s progressive Netroots Nation conference and brought to life by Ivan Pardo, an independent software developer from Los Angeles.

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New App Buycott Lets Users Protest Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More.” (Clare O’Connor, Huffington Post, 2013/05/15)

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Buycott: App klärt beim Einkauf auf“. (Heise Online, 18.05.2013)