Politics As Smoke And Mirrors – ‘Huckabee’ On Fox News

Politics as smoke and mirrors – ‘Huckabee’ on Fox News

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been involved in a second career as talk show host on Fox News since leaving active politics in 2008. Apparently it is not that easy to lure in big studio audiences for the recording of that program.

A new video has appeared that clearly reveals how mirrors inside the studio are used to make Huckabee’s audience seem bigger than it really is. Because the mirrors are shaking, that trick is easy to recognize.

Watch a clip from the progressive David Pakman Show explaining the trick here:

I am not sure whether Fox News are the only media outlet guilty of this visual ‘enhancement,’ but it seems to fit right in with a lot of other, more deceptive techniques that can be regularly observed on that network.

Smokes and Mirrors—at least the mirrors—have for once crossed over from the figurative into the literal.

Fox News Insists That Santa Claus And Jesus Were White

Fox News insists that Santa Claus and Jesus are/were white

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. December 2005. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.  Attribution: Musical Linguist at the English language Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Christmas_pudding.JPG
Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. December 2005. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Attribution: Musical Linguist at the English language Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Christmas_pudding.JPG

And now to the really important things in the world. As the Christmas season (or holiday season, depending on your personal preference) is approaching, America’s culture wars tend to shift their attention towards certain religious and cultural icons.

It’s the ‘War on Christmas’ all over again

You might remember Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s invention of the ‘War on Christmas’ that is supposedly being waged by ‘the left’ against virtuous, red-blooded Middle America, because, as Bill would like you to believe, American liberals all hate America with a passion and are plotting to destroy all cultural traditions.

Non-white Santa Claus and Jesus versus ‘Murica

Now, Fox News is stirring up the latest controversy: Multiracial Santa Claus and Jesus. The liberals are now coming for white American Santa Claus and white American Jesus, so the story goes. What happened?

AIsha Harris, an author for Slate, suggested that Santa Claus should not be depicted only as a bearded white man, but maybe also as black, to be more inclusive and speak to all kids.

Unsurprisingly, this led to Fox News talking head Megyn Kelly insisting that both Santa Claus and Jesus are/were in fact white.

Depictions in popular culture versus history

There are two different aspects to this, naturally. First, the depictions of Santa Claus and Jesus. Both the commercialized Santa Claus, prominently featuring in commercials for Coca-Cola, for example, and Jesus have indeed for a long time been portrayed as white in America (in Europe, there’s the phenomenon of white Santa and Jesus, too).

‘Beyond the pale’: a Greek bishop and a Mediterranean Jew

Second there are the historical figures, assuming for the sake of argument that both existed. As the Raw Story article points out, the historical Jesus was a “Jew of Mediterranean descent.” Santa Claus is based on the Dutch Sinterklaas, who is in turn based on the fourth century Bishop Saint Nicholas of Myra, which was part of Greece at the time and is today part of modern Turkey. Migration aside, the average person from either of those regions does not look exactly like the white Europeans from Western and Northern Europe. The historical Santa Claus and Jesus are ‘beyond the pale’ (pun intended!).

In regards to the looks of the historical Santa Claus and Jesus, Fox News is therefore just wrong on the facts.

Just one more Culture War distraction

In my view, the permanent manufacturing of outrage over alleged assaults on a white (Judeo-)Christian culture in America by liberals is part of a wider strategy of Fox News and NewsCorp to distract their audience from economic policies that are in fact detrimental to many of their white middle class supporters. Even though many views held by individuals on either side of the political spectrum are sincerely held, functionally, the culture war mainly serves to deflect people’s critical attention from economic policies.

Here is the progressive talk show The Young Turks on the matter:

Here is the progressive talk show Majority Report with Sam Seder on the same topic:

[Update, 2013/12/17]

Fox News responds to critics with more of the same. Here is the reporting from The Young Turks on how Megyn Kelly portrays herself as a victim of race-baiting.

“Megyn ‘Santa And Jesus Are White’ Kelly A Victim Of Race-Baiting”

[Update, 2013/12/17] Bill O’Reilly, inventor of the ‘War on Christmas’ weighs in

After Fox News’s Megyn Kelly defended white Santa and white Jesus, Bill O’Reilly himself weighed in on the matter [article + video]—by briefly insisting that she is right about white Santa and Jesus and then going off on a tirade about how the liberals hate Fox News because they see it as racist conservative propaganda machine.

Having at this point watched many typical clips from the network, I think that is for the most part an accurate description of Fox News. And Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the usual suspects working under Roger Ailes know exactly how to play to the emotions and irrational fears of white conservative America.

Watch another entertaining clip from the progressive talk show The Young Turks on the matter:

“O’Reilly Defends White Santa & War On Christmas Continues”



Anti-Muslim Bigot Violently Attacks Cab Driver In Northern Virginia

Anti-Muslim Bigot Violently Attacks Cab Driver In Northern Virginia

In Northern Virginia, an aviation executive violently attacked a cab driver, who happens to be an American military veteran, for being a Muslim.

According to a report from the Washington Post, cab driver Mohamed Salim, a veteran of the Iraq War, picked up Ed Dahlberg, owner of Manassas-based Emerald Aviation at a local country club. When Dahlberg noticed Salim’s name, he called him a terrorist, threatened to kill him, and then broke his jaw.

Apparently, Dahlberg’s hatred of Muslims runs so deep that he believes that all of them are jihadist terrorists and he feels personally entitled to go on a violent crusade against random people.

If these allegations are proven in court, Dahlberg is truly one of the most disgusting men in America.

Nativisms, then and now

Historically, this type of resentment against certain minority groups at particular points in time is well-known in America. Think of the nineteenth century with its anti-Asian stereotype of the “Yellow Menace”, the anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic Nativism, or the Red Scares of the twentieth century. After 9/11, the violent jihadist has become the stereotype du jour for Muslims.

Feeding you fear and paranoia

Personal responsibility aside, a large portion of the blame for violent incidents like this one has to go to far-right media outlets such as Fox News, or more specifically to figures such as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Pamela Geller, or Robert Spencer.

With their hateful rhetoric, these organizations and individuals spread fear of all Muslims among their audiences, and feed paranoid fantasies about holy wars. Whenever a member of their audience takes them by their words, of course, the above mentioned wash their hands in innocence.

Bigotry does not help in the fight against terrorism

To point out the obvious, none of this dangerous nonsense in any way helps to fight the actual threat of jihadist terrorism. If anything, the rhetorical perpetuation of a hostile climate might lead to the alienation of some American Muslims, with unintended consequences. In the long run, this sort of bigotry could lead to the radicalization of more people. Who in their right mind would want that to happen?

Read more:

Muslim cabdriver alleges assault by passenger who cited Boston Marathon bombing.” (Joe Stephens and Justin Jouvenal, Washington Post, 2013/05/01)

Vicious Assault On Muslim Cab Driver Caught On Camera.” (Hyacinth Mascarenhas, PolicyMic, 2013/05/02)